Antimicrobial Protection

Protection against the dangers of bacteria and fungi is of paramount importance to any medical or veterinary practice. That’s why we’ve developed the Gratnells Antimicrobial System.

All of our Medical frames and trolleys and even the trays – are treated with BioCote® antibacterial additive. This means surfaces need no longer rely solely on continual washdowns to guard against infection. With Gratnells Antimicrobial System Protected products, you get long-lasting protection because antimicrobial surfaces are places where microbes simply cannot survive.

Gratnells products are protected using BioCote antimicrobial technology

The antimicrobial protection integrated into Gratnells storage products helps prevent the growth of odour causing and staining bacteria. With our products, you get long-lasting protection.

Using Biocote technology means that our Gratnells Antimicrobial System is an ideal way of maintaining a more hygienic surface between cleans. So when you choose Gratnells storage trolleys and trays, you are choosing a higher standard in hygiene and antimicrobial protection. Why choose anything less for your patients?

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